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Do you have Internet Access?

Yes, we have the wi-fi connection in every room in the lobby.


I'm not able to find "Via dei Macelli, 22" on my GPS. Why?

It's a brand new street and it hasn't been included in some maps yet. Please put "Via dei Colli, 2/4" and you will find us.


I need to check-in after 10pm. Is that possible?

Yes it's possible, please contact the reception the day of your arrival and we will tell you how to do that.


Is the hotel far from the center of Florence?

The center of Florence is just a few kilometres from here, anyway usually there's a lot o traffic. That's why we always suggest to get to Florence with the train. Signa train station is only 800 meters far from the hotel. It's in walking distance (15-20 minutes), you can go there with your own car (free parking) or you can use our shuttle service. The one way ticket price is 1,90 Euro per person.


What about the center of Pisa?

You can easily go to Pisa with the train. It's a one hour trip. The schedule is very frequent and the one way ticket price is 4,70 Euro (second class) or 7,10 Euro (first class). Pisa has 3 stations: Pisa Aeroporto (inside the PSA airport), Pisa Centrale (in the heart of the city) and Pisa San Rossore, this last one is the nearest one to the leaning tower.


Are there many train that get to Florence? Are there trains that come back at night?

Even though our suggestion is alwais to check the website, the trains from Signa to Florence SMN usually leave every 30-40 minutes. There are trains until midnight, more or less.


Do you have a Restaurant?

No, we don't have it, but there are many in the area. At Stilhotel you can only get Breakfast.


What about your Breakfast?

We are pleased to offer an international breakfast as much complete as possible with handmande pastry. bakery, ham, cheese, eggs, frsh fruit, espresso coffe etc....


Is that possible to request a special menu, for particular needs?

Please ask at your arrival and we will try to satisfy you as mush as possible.


We weill arrive at FLR Airport, in Florence, how can we get to the hotel?

The most comfortable way is to take a taxi. The average fare is around 25/35 Euro. By the way from there you can take a bus to the center of Florence and from there you can take a train to Signa.


We will arrive at PSA Airport, in Pisa, how can we get to the hotel?

Inside the Pisa Airport there is a train station where you will find many trains going to Florence that stop in Signa. Please check the schedule at

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